Tax Accountant Services

1040 Personal Return  - $150

Schedule C, E or F -  $150

Partnership, LLC, or S-Corp Return - $500
Additional charge for non-current tax year - $100/each

Additional charge for amendments - $100/each

Quarterly Tax Filings - $100/each

Payroll Tax Filings - $100/month

Sales Tax Filings - $50/each

Bookkeeping Plan

Monthly bookkeeping
Finance concierge
Monthly financial reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, & Cash Flow Statement)
Reconciliation for up to 2 accounts
24-72 business- hour
response time
Up to 100 transactions/month

Full Service Plan

Manage bill pay for venders
Manage invoicing for customers
Manage employee reimbursements
Complex subsidiary structure
Reconciliation for up to 4 accounts
Up to 300 transactions/month

CFO Plan

Forecasting and projections
Budgeting (planned vs.actual)
Board Meeting Attendance
Unlimited reconciliation
24-business-hour response time